Wednesday, September 15, 2010

25 Things.

25 random things about me. Haha.

1. I am a rojak; half-Indian, half-Malay-100% Malaysian.

2. I am a blog whore; I have 3 blogs.

3. I feel more at ease with older people.

4. 3 topics that I love; Politics, Economics and Entertainment.

5. I easily get bored and I'm freakishly lazy.

6. I am outspoken, I speak my mind.

7. I can't watch horror movies. Period.

8. I read a lot.

9. I listen to good music, no matter the genre.

10. I have a close-knit yet large family. (20+ people call me Uncle)

11. I eat like a pig.

12. I am a shirt freak.

13. I think that I am good listener.

14. I can usually recall dreams in vivid detail.

15. When I'm at home I sleep like I'm in a coma.

16. I'm comfortable with myself.

17. I wanna go back-packing across Europe after I do my umrah/hajj.

18. I forgive but I rarely forget.

19. I don't like other people taking my picture.

20. Sometimes I feel more comfortable around girls.

21. I need some alone time every now and then.

22. I have a brother from another mother and father; Faiq.

23. I wanna drive a Mini Cooper and live in a studio apartment.

24. I have considered being an engineer, interior designer, journalist, writer, chef, fashion designer, event manager before.

25. I have a bad habit that not a lot of people know.

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