Monday, November 22, 2010

Long time no see

Hi guys and girls! How are you guys faring now? It's been months ( I think two months ) that I haven't posted any blog. I kinda miss the moment.

Well, I'm very busy nowadays. There are assignments to submit and so many projects to do. Just now we had a mock interview and it was really stressful! I couldn't think much and my mind is not functioning as per normal. But I think I did well (a bit). (O.O) Kinda miss the mock interview we had back in TGB. It was a very colourful day and i thought you guys were very handsome and very beautiful in your attires. Especially Ishaq who looked very charismatic. And I couldn't forget Baal (515) as well. I was smitten a bit that time (shhh....secret between us ok?? haha)

About projects, we had to build a model of a mosque. I've got Baitul Mukarram which is in Bangladesh for Agama (haha. yup. we've study agama). I was kinda happy because the structure of it is very simple and is in black and white only. Yay! There was also a project on ecosysteAlign Centerm. We had to build a simple aquatic ecosystem and mine is very cute! But alas, my guppies are eaten by the tortoise. Bad tortoise! >:(

Well, now I'm in my second semester and now we had to be very independent as majority of our lecturers went for courses. Now we only had two biology lecturers, three chemistry lecturers (whose holidays are on hold. sad.) and a few maths teachers. Earlier, my lecture only consist of 30-60 people but now we had to combine 12 classes! It is a war to get a seat. A war!

I'm kinda sad for my 1st semester result as I've got 2B's and one of it is biology! Erk! How am I supposed to become a doctor?? But alhamdulillah, I've managed to get above 3.5 and I'm very grateful. Now I've just got to strive and work extra hard for this semester so that my goal in becoming a doctor can be a reality one day. I don't wanna be like who I was during secondary school where I would lazed about and couldn't care less about homework. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf. Anyway, I know nothing is easy and everyday I pray that our classmates will achieve whatever they strive for. Amin~

And currently, I'm finishing my biology folio on gastrointestinal stromal cancer (what??!) and book review for english. Things just got more hectic day by day. I pray that I will have the strength to endure all this.

Every night, I kept wondering what you guys are doing. Our memories at 502 are really precious and sometimes I hoped that time can be turned back but I know that's not possible. So I hope that one day, all of us can meet again. And I mean, just us, 502. Ishaq! Plan for the next reunion ok!

So that's all from me. I'll try to tell you guys about my life here from time to time. And I'll try to keep up and contact you guys. Just don't forget me ok?? Love you guys!

p/s : diba, ishaq and faiq. bile nak lawan ke'hot'an kite ni?? haha ;p

Sara xoxo

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