Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Chapter

by Amirul Helmi..

Assalamualaikum wbt...

It has been 3weeks in Kmb. It is great and people here are all good and kind. my roommate is an ex-MRSM langkawi student. he doesn't like to talk much and i also don't have thing to talk to him. most of the time in bed, i sleep. so, nothing is conversed. i dislike to stay in bed, so i go to others' room to chat and hang with. i guess my roommate feel lonely. poor him. i am the class rep of my class, M10N (Medic taking Business Management Studies). my class has 6boys and 11girls. for these 2weeks, we got a few complaints from the teachers that our class is too quiet. when the teachers asked, we have no response. sometimes it's caused we have no interest to answer and sometimes we don't understand the questions. however, we are getting better and we have been trying to be more active in class. i am in the same class with Kelly and Fairuz.
so far so good. i like the environment here but i still not sure i can score in the exams. for english, the year2 students only 1student got 7. my bio and chem teachers are totally fine. i hope i can score 7 for both subjects. maths is just okay, it's not that hard for now. for malay, no comment. business class for now is easy to comprehend.

by the way, i went less to surau.

-it's a long long way to run for me...

till then..

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