Tuesday, May 18, 2010

heya again guys~
well, basically it's my second week here in kolej mara kuala nerang.. it's kinda like tgb but the perks are (as in many colleges) the wifi and internet.. so now im able to freely explore my facebook without worrying about slow internet connections.. anyway, coming here, in kolej mara kuala nerang (or kmkn for short) is sort of a life transition for me ; from being a teenager and moving on to adulthood..
actually, im posting this because i wanted to tell u guys about my orientation week here.. seriously guys, it was a blast! the facilitators are all unikl campus students and were like our brothers and sisters.. basically, i had fun all week unti the facilitators had to go home.. huhu.. so sad.. anyway, life goes on and i have so many assignments to finish by tonight.. and i'll tell u more about the orientation if i have the time..
anyway, to all my u guys, i juz wanna say gudluck in life and i miss u guys a lot!

xoxo sara'92

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