Monday, May 3, 2010

heya guys~

long time no see.. i really miss u guys a lot.. and i really mean a lot.. nway, i hope u guys are in the pink along with ur families.. anyway, this is my 1st post..
so i know this may be a very busy months.. with interviews, doing part time jobs, reunions (i can't wait for ours!) and maybe for some of us who are lucky (not attending plkn) got their driving license..
however, there are also some of us who are bored stiff at home and can't wait to start college on the double.. it's like faiq said, 'bila masa sekolah.. nak cuti.. bila dah cuti.. nak sekolah pulak..' what can i say? humans are not always satified with what they have except for those who knows how to appriciate..
as for me, life is pretty slow for me nowadays.. but the first three months were fun and exciting because as u all know, i got national service aka plkn.. at first i hated it (until the end actually) but things are a bit better with new friends around..
well, life after plkn is somehow boring.. played games, watching tv (animax, starworld, cartoon network, hallmark, mtv, v channel) online, eat, drink, sleep and tried to be merry.. the same old routine.. however, after school time it's kinda great to have both my lil brother and sister around to play (or bully) with.. hehe..
anyway, eventhough its a bit bored around here, im still gonna try to enjoy every minute of it before going off to college..
so that's all from me before i start babbling and yapping about other stuff as well.. i think im gonna sleep early today.. busy day today.. nway, miss u guys and love u all~

xoxo sara ;p

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